Checklist for your consulation

Do you have all the documents for your visit with you?

Medical history form

Please fill out our medical history form before your first visit. You will receive it from our team or you can download it here DE FR EN IT Please send us the anamnesis form by E-Mail before your visit, thank you.

Consent for further use of your data for research purposes

Before your first visit, please fill out the form for further use of your data. This information explains how you as a patient can contribute to medical progress and shows how your patient data and rights are protected DE FR EN IT Please send us the document already before your visit by E-Mail thank you very much.

Medication list

If you need to take medication regularly, please bring your medication list with you.

Allergy passport

If you have allergies or medication intolerances, please bring your allergy passport with you.

Insurance card from your health insurance company

Thank you for your support