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Oral Surgery & Implant Dentistry – clinical

6 mm dental implants have become a safe treatment option for patients with reduced bone height in order to avoid complex vertical bone augmentation procedures. To assess the long-term effectiveness of 6 mm implants, patients underwent a clinical-radiographic follow-up examination after 4.5- 18.2 years in function. The present study demonstrated survival and success rates of 93.2% and 89.2% for 6 mm implants. A factor leading to higher implant failure was smoking, whereas modulating factors increasing annual
marginal bone loss included implants placed in the maxilla and implants with a diameter of 4.1 mm compared to 4.8 mm. This research helps to specify indications in the field of minimal invasive surgical interventions by the use of 6 mm implants and carefully selected
patients in clinical and daily practice.

Raabe C, Monje A, Abou-Ayash S, Buser D, von Arx Th, Chappuis V. Long-term effectiveness
of 6 mm micro-rough implants in various indications: A 4.6- to 18.2-year retrospective
study. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2021 Aug;32(8):1008-1018. doi: 10.1111/clr.13795.

Oral Diagnostic Science

In this interdisciplinary project methods are being developed and evaluated to correct CBCT-data suffering from patient-motion-induced quality issues. Using the projection data of CBCT-machines that are used for 3D-reconstruction and a global sharpness metric an iterative reconstruction technique is developed to enhance such compromised data. The method will particularly consider independent motion of the mandible in relation to the remaining skull. Our approach applies automated 3D segmentation of the mandible image in the CBCTdata by means of artificial intelligence (AI). The solution relies on minimizing a global error metric in an iterative fashion in fitting the six motion parameters for both skull and mandible to the input (projection) data.
Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG), 2021 -2023; CHU-1496/7-1; Niebler S, Schoemer E, Tjaden H, Schwanecke U, Schulze R: Projectionbased improvement of 3D reconstructions from motion-impaired dental Cone-beam CT data; Med Phys 2020; 46:4470-4480.